2017_11_25 & 26 - Trip to Cooma...

27 November 2017

Every now and then I'll jump onto Expedia and have a look around to see whats cheap to do a weekend ride... Had found some cheap accommodation in Cooma and was in the middle of planning the route down there via fun roads....

Came across an article detailing the best places to find Platypus.. and Bombala popped up on the list... from there the wheels were in motion for a Platypus spotting trip...

Set off early Saturday morning with Toyger, my travel companion, and Spike, who's getting some fun in before he goes to a friend with cancer .... First stop was the oh so overdone Stanwell Tops, but had to get a photo of spike there...


Trying to find somewhere open for breakfast is always challenging when you set out a little too early for most people... Still managed to succeed and found a really good breakfast too at the Coal Coast Eatery in Coledale... before introducing Spike to Macquarie Pass


Kangaroo Valley had a wonderful display of thick fog - was able to catch some of it before it all burned up.

As seen by the state of my helmet, I didn't make too many stops on the way past Nowra. Through Parma Creek Nature Reserve, Jerrawangala National Park, Tianjara & Braidwood. Short break in Braidwood & changed route to go back up via Queanbeyan becasue I really could not be bothered doing more dirt roads. My laziness actually paid off very quickly due to storm clouds coming from both east and west. Not good weather when on a motorbike on dirt roads.


Shortly after arriving in Cooma the weather allowed me to get to the hotel, go and get some food, then the two storm cells collided directly over Cooma. Was very happy with my decision to double back and take paved roads. This also meant the platypus mission was officially aborted and retired to bed.


Day 2, as usual for me, got up early and went and took some photos pre dawn, first attempt at photographing stars went... well.. average. Keen to try again.

taralga baron

Headed back home via ACT, Goulburn, Taralga, Oberon & Great Western Highway. I do love the wind farm at Taralga, I don't know why, I just find something peaceful about it.


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