Greenies 2018

9 October 2018

Greenies! Last year was the first year I was asked to go to Greenies and I was in awe of the amazing job that Greenway Giants and Sydney Diamond Sports put on fort he tournament. This year was no different...

I'd also changed a few things from last year... Instead of shooting only Saturday and Monday, I was there the whole weekend which left little processing time...

So across the 5 galleries there are 1,368 photos, shot over 20ish hours and 30+ hours spent processing the photos...



I thought I was going insane for a while and the scroll bar wasn't moving... it was at this point I split the days into two parts..


My "intern"... Turned out to be pretty useless.. Stuffing for brains... You'll also notice I moved the scrollbar to the bottom of the screen in the hope I would notice it moving more..


Yup.. Monday morning I found myself wide awake at 3:30am and opted to get up and get started before you know another 6 hours of baseball..

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