Interested in digital copies of photos of Greenies or Pink Ribbon Ride?

1. Make a donation to payment to (that'll go to PRR anyway) - I'll be able to see the name and know it's you. Not giving a hard "per photo" cost.... Suggestion.... $5 for one, $2 per photo if you want 10... general rule - don't be an ass.

2. Email with the image names you'd like (& the name the payment was made under if a different name was used)

3. I'll email back 600x900 digital copies of the images, one with a litttttle watermark, one without.

Some information on Pink Ribbon Ride
  • 100% of donations go to the Breast Cancer Institute at Westmead Hospital.
  • This year the funds raised are going towards translation and supply of much needed fact sheets.

Pink Ribbon 2018 Steph